-Termo-isolation 4mm+16+4mm flot case

Termopan glass is made out of two glass, separated with a hermetical closed space that contains dry air with distance, butyl tape and other needed components.

For getting a better heat-isolation attributes as a second glass we use low-emission glass (low-E).

-Low – emission glass (Low-E)

High performances of the low emission with U-value from 1.1. W/m2K and up to U-value from 0.06 W/m2K, in a three-layer glass with combination of two low emission glass and one regular glass filled with argon gas.

The glass is designed to be used only with termo-isolation glass packets that are keeping the heat in winter, and are stopping the ultraviolet rays, while letting the light and the sun energy in a maximum way.

During the winter period these kind of glass are cutting up to 50% from the heating expanses compared to the termo-isolation packet with two flot glass.

The glass-breadth is: 4-6 mm.

Planitherm 4S (window 4 seasons)

Planitherm 4 S enables ideal temperature – comfort and cooling are guaranteed during the hottest days, while it lowers the energy needed for climate control. The window is called 4 seasons because it offers comfort and energy savings throughout the entire year.

Low emission with U-value from 1.0 W/m2K

Three-layer window with high performances

Glass packet with three glass, that enables formulation of two closed air spaces, therefore increasing the isolation. Glass packet with three glass are usually used when there is a need for low values smaller then U 1.0 W/m2K.