Natural ventilation DUCO

Today’s homes have a quality isolation, windows and doors. Because of that, fresh air in the living environment is coming only when the doors and windows are open. Ventilation is needed so that we throw out the unwanted odors, moisture, and to change the still air with a fresh one.

The bad ventilation can be a reason for accumulation of different contaminated substances that can be dangerous for health. One more condition that is caused by missing of ventilation is the increased moisture, if the living environment doesn’t have a good ventilation moisture is a big problem. Moisture, besides the negative effects on people’s health, can damage parts of the living space. Because of these reasons, ventilation is crucial for your living space.

Changing the air in your living space needs to be done every hour while we are in it. In the past, the ventilation of air has been done through the construction process, while nowadays that is different because of the increase concern for energy efficiency. Because of that the way houses and apartments are built is enabling a complete separation from the external air, therefore increasing the need for ventilation.

DUCO window ventilation systems take care of the ventilation process and bring fresh air to your living or working space.

Compared to the open windows, these systems enable protection from burglary, rain, wind and insects.

In combination with mechanical conduit for bad air, DUCO ventilation systems can take care for a healthy and pleasant internal climate. Depending on the type, they can be attached to any type of window (PVC, aluminum, wood) and they have a space for adjustable conduit. Recommended height is 180 cm above the floor.

Ventilation is unnecessary for removal of the bad chemicals.

  • Air refreshing on economical Principe through natural ventilation
  • Even air refreshing – controlled ventilation – energy economy
  • Minimal chances for appearance of moisture: this is not only esthetical problem, the presence of moisture in the living environment is very bad for the health of the people that are in it and are cause for allergies
  • Better air quality in the environment through the use of DUCO ventilators: there are no unnecessary headaches, tiredness, sleepiness, that are usually occurring because of insufficient amounts of fresh air .
  • Enough fresh air distribution, without noise from motors and without spending electrical energy
  • Simple window ventilation system – easy assembly
  • No expenses for maintenance
  • Without draft – users have no need to close the ventilation system
  • Small investment – unnecessary is ventilation with special ventilation channels
  • Very important – no more condensation on windows.

DUCO ventilation profiles guarantee same quality of air, and an economy of energy. The air blast is through a natural way with a help of additional cover for adjustment on one side and auto-adjustment cover on the other site. The auto-adjustment cover works mechanically and is in charge for the quantity of air to remain the same in case of winds, meaning that the quantity of air is regulated independently from the weather conditions.