Blinds, venetian blinds and mosquito curtains

Rolo mosquito curtains – made from aluminum profile (box and edges), the net is from quality material (glass fibre) that is resistant from weather conditions and years of exploitation.

Fixed mosquito curtain: aluminum profiles and net.

Blinds: Combination of PVC window with blinds is a perfect heat isolation, that regulates light in the daily residence, isolates noise and gives the feeling of safety.

– Aluminum blinds are the highest quality protection from sun light, while in the same time they have function for sound and heat isolation, because the lamella is filled out with polyurethane foam.
They are usually implemented in the same time with the PVC carpentry, but can be implemented additionally.

They have a big static durability that is effective against burglary.

The system for opening and closing can be with a standard automation through string or automatic through electro-motor built in the box for the blinds.

– Venetian blinds are simple solution for protection from sun or unwanted eyes. Simple for handling, adjustable for regulating the light, easy to upkeep they give a sophisticated look on the interior!

They are made from aluminum profiles in a palette of various colors, that can easily blend in any ambient and refresh your space.